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Fairlead Inspection, provides full-fledged professional Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services across India to cover the entire spectrum of the supply chain of a wide range of commodities and consumer products and our mission is 100% customer satisfaction. The scope of services for Quality and Quantity Surveys and assurance of commodities broadly cover the following business lines:

  • Marine Inspections – Draft surveys , Bunker surveys , On / Off hire condition surveys, Hull & Machinery
  • Bulk Cargo Inspections – All types of Agri commodities, Sugar, Fertilizers, Minerals, Metals, Ores
  • Liquid Cargoes - All types of Vegetable oils , Petroleum& Petrochemicals.
  • Containers Inspections –Dry ,Tank& Reefer containers Inspection , Condition & suitability , Stuffing , De stuffing tally
  • Stock Measurement and Management of Warehouse , Tank Farms & Terminals , Refineries, Yards
  • Plant QA/QC and Management of Client Laboratories

Marine Inspection

  • Draft survey
  • Bunker sampling & quantification
  • Bunker detective survey
  • On / off hire bunker survey
  • On / off hire vessel condition survey
  • Hull and machinery inspection.
  • Inspection of validity of certificates and cargo gear.
  • P& I club and Insurance related interventions
marine consultant & surveyors

Dry Bulk Cargo Inspection

  • Draft survey to quantify the cargo loaded / discharged
  • Hold inspection for cleanliness & suitability to load cargo
  • Hose test inspection for water tightness
  • Inspection of stowage and condition of cargoes prior to discharge.
  • Quantity , quality inspection & testing of cargoes during loading / discharge
  • Sealing of holds
  • PSI inspections& sampling at the hinterland, mills, warehouses, mines, & yards
  • Railway wagon / truck sampling and analysis
  • Inspection, sampling and testing of cargoes prior to shipment.
Dry Bulk Cargo Inspection

Container Inspection

  • On / off hire & condition survey
  • Pre shipment inspection of frozen & general cargo
  • Inspection of containers for cleanliness & suitability prior to stuffing.
  • Record, tally and condition of cargoes and testing during stuffing and / or de-stuffing.
  • Inspection of damage containers & repair assessment.
  • Inspection during loading and / or discharge from vessel.
container survey

Liquid Bulk Cargo Inspection

  • Inspection of vessel's tanks prior to loading / after discharge.
  • Ullage survey of vessel's tanks after loading / prior discharge.
  • Inspection and sampling of shore tanks prior loading / discharge.
  • Witnessing and / or analysis of cargoes prior to shipment
  • Inspection of shore / vessel's lines, pumps and other facilities
  • Out turn surveys
  • Pipe line transfer control
  • Stock management in tank farms and refineries
  • Full out-turn guarantee survey
  • Liquid bulk cargo covers all types of Vegetable oils, Petroleum &Petrochemicals
Liquid Bulk Cargo Inspection

Plant QA/QC &Management of Client Laboratories

  • Sampling and analysis of Incoming raw materials/imports/exports
  • Deputing qualified chemists and lab managers and managing the laboratories at plants on behalf of the client
  • Stock measurement/tally/monitoring and reporting
  • Monitoring Initial, during and final production checks at plants
  • Supervision of packing and dispatch
Plant QA/QC &Management of Client Laboratories

Stock Measurement & Management

  • Stock monitoring at yards, warehouses and tank farms. Stock management of all commodities and liquid cargoes.
  • Services offered at all major ports/terminals/warehouses and client facilities
Stock Measurement & Management