Oil & Petrochemical

In this sector, we comply with the API MPMS and EI HM guidelines, as well as international trade practices & requirements such as the IFIA, ISO, and similar norms and regulations as they are applied to the bulk liquid hydrocarbon measurement and sampling business at a local level. Our services in this sector include:

  • Measurement of volumes and weights ashore and on board tankers
  • Sampling of oil& petrochemical cargoes
  • Inventory measurement of oil, gas and chemicals
  • Laboratory analysis of bulk hydrocarbon cargos
  • Pipeline measurement of bulk hydrocarbon deliveries
  • Preparation of inspectors reports to be used with Letters of Credit
  • Suitability inspections of shore tanks before rental or use
  • Supervision of lightering and other ship to ship transfers
Oil & Petrochemical testing laboratory

Petrochemical Testing

We assist oil companies, traders, petroleum refiners, independent storage operators, pipeline companies, fuel transporters, bunker operators, terminals, vessel owners, ports and other stakeholders. Some of the Petroleum, Gas and Chemicals/Petrochemicals that are inspected and tested include:

All types of Crude, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Gasoline, Naphtha , Paraffin, Methanol, Ethanol, Phenol, Heavy White Oil, Butane, Propane, Benzene, Acetone, Sol C9, Ortho Xylene, MEK, Base Oil, LPG,LNG, etc.