Oils & Fats

Fairlead Inspection offers specialized, reliable inspection & testing services in accordance with international standards viz FOSFA/ PORAM/ ISO/ AOCS etc. We along with our associates AmSpec Agri offer cost effective, tailor made & customized inspection, testing services across the globe. We through our associates AmSpec Agri offer FOG services to Shippers, Charterers, Traders and Buyers to manage their risks.

Some of the key oils & fats inspected and tested include Crude Palm Oil , RBD Palmolein , Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate , RBD Palm Stearin , Crude & Refined Sunflower Oil, Crude & Refined Soybean Oil, Crude & Refined Cotton Seed Oil, Crude Degummed Canola Oil , Castor Oil etc.

Services Broadly Include:

  • Inspection of vessel's tanks prior to loading/after discharge.
  • Ullage survey of vessel's tanks after loading/prior discharge.
  • Inspection and sampling of shore tanks prior loading/discharge.
  • Witnessing and/or analysis of cargoes prior to shipment
  • Inspection of shore/vessel's lines, pumps and other facilities
  • Out turn surveys
  • Pipe line transfer control
  • Stock management in tank farms and refineries
  • Full out-turn guarantee survey
oils & fats inspection and testing