We Provide the Best Pre Shipment Inspection Services for a Hassle-Free Export Experience

We welcome you to Fair Lead Inspection, a reliable partner providing Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) services. With our expertise and sincere commitment to quality, we ensure that the business's export process goes smoothly, meeting all the mandatory requirements and industry regulations. Our PSI services provide comprehensive inspections and certifications that allow one to become confident in the quality and quantity of goods before they are shipped.

We Ensuring Quality and Compliance

We Ensuring Quality and Compliance At Fair Lead Inspection, we understand the importance of quality and compliance in international trade. We have an experienced team of inspectors meticulously checking the goods, ensuring they meet the agreed-upon quality standards.

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Why Choose Us?

expertise and experience in pre shipment inspection

Expertise and Experience

Our team of qualified inspectors possesses extensive knowledge and experience in conducting Pre Shipment Inspections across diverse product categories.

reliable and timely service in pre shipment inspection

Reliable and Timely Service

We prioritize efficiency without compromising accuracy. Our dedicated team ensures that inspections are carried out promptly, providing you with timely reports and certifications.

tailored solutions in pre shipment inspection

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each export consignment is unique. Our services are customized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a comprehensive inspection process that addresses your specific concerns.

commitment to quality in pre shipment inspection

Commitment to Quality

At Fair Lead Inspection, quality is our utmost priority. We adhere to stringent quality control measures and industry best practices to deliver accurate and reliable inspection results.

Join Us to Experience the Exquisite Benefits of Pre Shipment Inspection

Engaging our Pre Shipment Inspection services offers numerous benefits to exporters.

Risk Mitigation

By conducting comprehensive inspections, we help identify any potential issues or discrepancies before the goods are shipped. It allows for timely corrective actions, reducing the risk of costly delays or rejections at the destination.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure our inspection complies with international regulations, industry standards, and specific import requirements of the destination country. This helps avoid any legal or regulatory complications and facilitates smooth customs clearance.

Enhanced Reputation

Delivering high-quality products consistently helps businesses build a strong reputation for themselves. Our Pre Shipment Inspection services provide an additional layer of assurance, enabling you to meet customer expectations and maintain your reputation as a trusted supplier.

Cost Savings

Save costs by identifying and rectifying any issues before shipment cutting off additional expenses associated with returns, replacements, or non-compliance penalties. Our inspection also minimizes the risk of potential disputes and associated legal costs.

Streamlined Inspection Process


Product Quality

Our inspectors assess the product's overall quality, including its appearance, functionality, and adherence to relevant standards and specifications.


Quantity Verification

We carefully verify the quantity of goods, ensuring that it matches the documentation and contractual obligations.


Packaging and Labeling

We examine packaging materials for safe transportation and regulatory compliance, verifying labeling accuracy, including product details, barcodes, and country of origin.


Documentation Review

Our experts meticulously review all relevant documents, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin, to ensure accuracy & compliance with legal requirements.

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